Update May 2024; this is a continuing issue, with the new twist of AI now being used to 'deepfake' someone's VOICE and call you in order to trick you out of your money!





UPDATE 9/12/23, someone received this via TEXT so be aware!

The past couple of days there has been a spate of Gift Card Scam emails showing up in our inboxes!

This email is a Social Engineering attack that ‘spoofs’ Pastor Lynn with a Gmail address(I can assure you he has no such account).

The 1st message goes like this:

Pastor Lynn Spoon lynn.tucsonmountainchurch@gmail.com
Hello, are you less busy at the moment? I have a request for you to manage confidentially. I will be having a meeting in few minutes, no calls so kindly respond via email.
Lynn Spoon
Assistant Pastor

If you were to respond(please don’t), this fake Pastor Lynn continues:

Thank you,
I’ve been working on incentives for some of our diligent staffs & elders. I aimed at surprising some of them with physical gift cards from nearby store but I’ve been very busy with church duties. I believe you're in the best position to do this for me discreetly, this will go a long way to show we care for them. Can I count on you?

This Phishing attempt has been reported to the FTC, CISA, Google, and other entities.

Here are some steps you can take to help keep your Online Presence as safe as possible:

  • Learn more about these types of scams by clicking here: [Gift Card Scams].
  • As much as possible, enable Two-Step Verification for your various Online Accounts. Click here [support.google.com/answer/2451907?hl=en] for more information on how to do so.
  • Please verify someone's identity before making any profile changes that affect the login process (email and phone number). Whenever possible, use a phone call for verification.

We are collecting information on this incident, and would like to know everyone who received these messages; this will be used to help identify where this scammer acquired our contact information.
Please email or text the church @ 
(520) 523-7884
If in doubt, please contact the church office @ 520-883-1234

Have a great day,
Paul DeGrandchamp
call: 520-477-7125
cell: 520-343-5955